by Passersby ~ The second full moon offering ~

☆☆☆☆☆ - The Times   "Somewhere between the best and even better" - The Guardian   Doctors HATE him! Instantly gain a healthy social life using this easy €2 trick   "Goes hard" - The Economist   Virus-free.   "Belle chanson" - L'Écho du Katanga   "Light er up sir" - Letterkenny Post "Hunter Biden bragged that he smoked crack with late DC Mayor Marrion Barry" - Daily Mail   Dowloaded for R. Hawtin   "Overall a really solid track, I'm feeling a light 10 on this one" - theneedledrop   "Man Utd icon Evra dresses up as Liam Gallagher and brutally trolls Oasis singer" - The Sun   "Fuck Google Chrome" - Kanye West   Sent from my iPhone "Bit stingy with his 25 bags" - Dean Blunt   "Passersby is singlehandedly lowering rents in Dublin, and SOMEONE has to speak up about it" - The Independent  


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