Weather Forecasts, worldwide for 1/11/21.(trusted clairvoyants)






Letterkenny   - High of 9 degrees (brr!!) with lows of 6 degrees. So, once you dress for the day, you should be ready for   anything!!!

Dublin   - Highs of eleven, Lows to be found somewhere off Harcourt street . Bring an umbrella if you're planning on leaving your job today.



Beijing   - It'll be cold but not too cold, they did host the Winter Olympics... but also the Summer Olympics... Fog, of course.


Porto   - Hi. of 20 even though it's November. Sell your coats, buy those little oval biscuits.

Lisbon   - A bit colder We hope.



Winnipeg   - We think the first day of snow. Please let us know.


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